Miami Tours Top Five Reasons to Go Camping in Miami

Miami Tours

Miami Tours

Miami Tours Go Camping

The many Miami Tours Attractions that are popular with visitors like the clubs, bars, and restaurants are mostly urbane in nature. But there are a lot of other magnificent attractions waiting to be explored in and around the ‘magic city’ like camping. You do not need mountains to go camping To see the city at your own pace, get with the hop-on-hop-off bus tours that allow you to alight the bus whenever you find something interesting you’d like to explore, and then hop back on when you’re ready to sightsee some more. Here are some reasons to choose Miami as the destination of your camping adventure.

Miami Tours Adventure

  1. 1. Miami abounds with scenic nature

There are many parks and reserves in Miami that allow you to take in the scenic natural beauty that the city abounds with. The nature trails of the beautiful wetlands and forests of Secret Woods Nature Centre pass through a beautiful butterfly garden. The 245-acre Fern Forest Nature Centre is filled with pristine forested beauty, boardwalks and hiking trails. The 30-acre Bill Sadowski Park and Nature Centre is made up of tropical hardwood hammocks, pineland and drained Everglades slough.

  1. 2. There are many commercial campgrounds in the city

Commercial campgrounds in the city offer world-class amenities, great recreation options, and coastal views, which make for an enjoyable camping experience. The Miami Everglades RV Park offers a not-so-tedious outdoor experience. There are sites for RVs and tents by the beach, along with amenities such as a pool, free Wi-Fi, a hot tub, and planned activities. Grices RV Park is a trailer park that does not allow for the pitching of tents.

  1. 3. Miami is home to country parks that offer campsites

The country parks in the Broward and Miami-Dade counties have fabulous camping opportunities. Broward has 5 campgrounds, each equipped with grills, picnic tables, electricity and water. Quiet Waters Water Park has been voted ‘best camping site in 2010’ by ‘South Florida Parenting magazine. Here you will find tepees and tents all ready to be used. At the 65-acre Barnes Park, you can enjoy athletic fields, golf courses, and pools.

  1. 4. You can camp among nature and beauty in the state parks

There are two state parks with campsites in Miami. You will find Oleta River State Park in North Miami, which is the largest urban park in Florida. Here, there are miles and miles of scenic landscapes for biking, hiking and camping. At Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park you can camp along the Atlantic Coast, near the 19th-century historic lighthouse.

  1. 5. The Everglades National Park which offers great camping is only an hour and a half away

National parks are some of the biggest Miami Tours Attractions in South Florida. The Everglades National Park is located on the west of Miami, and is only about an hour and a half away by road. The unique sub-tropical ecosystem of the   Everglades is perfect for the survival of many species of plant, animal and marine life. The Everglades National Park offers front country and backcountry camping experiences.

Miami Tours Expeditions

When vacationing in Miami Don’t forget to try a Miami Tours Expeditions. Also Remember to take your camera to capture the panoramic views on these wondrous Miami Tours. A Miami Tours Expedition will expose you to some of nature’s most fantastic creatures. The natural ecosystem will fascinate you on scenic Miami Tours Excursions.

Miami Attractions Top 5 Attractions for Group Travelers

Miami Attractions Tours

Miami Attractions Tours

Miami Attractions Airboat Tours

Miami and Key West are two of the most popular tourist destinations in south Florida. The island of Key West is located off the southern coast of Florida, about 160 miles from Miami. Tourists can come to Miami, enjoy its varied sights and sounds, and then go for a Key West tour. Do not worry, Mission Impossible terrorists have not blown up the Key West bridge. A vacation touring the twin cities of south Florida can be enjoyed by all. People who are travelling together such as friends and family should not miss the below listed top 5 Miami attractions:

Miami Attractions Skyline

  • One of the main attractions in Miami is an airboat tour across the Everglades marshes. You will not only get to enjoy a thrilling fan boat ride, but will also get to see varied wildlife from close quarters. Additional adventures like bike and tram tours, hiking, camping, and kayaking are also available at the Everglades.
  • Group travelers can get unique views of varied tourist spots such as the Port of Miami, the Miami skyline, the Venetian Islands, and the celebrity mansions via a Miami boat tour.
  • Miami is also known for its gorgeous sandy beaches. In addition to relaxation and getting a beautiful tan, you can also enjoy a variety of water sports at the beach. Segway rental tours of the nearby areas are also fascinating.
  • An open-roof double decker bus tour is a fun-filled and inexpensive way to check out the numerous places of interest in the city. Groups can also hire such buses and go on a private tour of the city.

Miami Attractions Islands

If Only Your Family was as Intuitive as the Segway Tourists can avail the services of a Miami to Key West shuttle or other transport options to come to Key West. You should make it a point to check out these top 5 Key West attractions: Key West is a city that is full of culture and heritage. Groups of travelers can check out the many places of historical importance in the city via the Conch train tour. You should also go for a trolleybus tour of old town Key West and get mesmerized by the beautiful traditional mansions of Key West.
  • Key West is home to several shipwreck sites as well as the only living barrier reef in North America. A tour to Key West cannot be complete without checking out these underwater attractions. You may go snorkeling, scuba diving, or avail the services of a glass bottom boat tour and get enamored by the eclectic and stunning marine life. Adventurists can also take a group tour to the Dry Tortugas National Park. It is a cluster of 7 coral and sand islands that is home to stunning marine life and an ideal place to enjoy snorkeling in Key West. Do not forget to go for a nocturnal ghost tour of Key West. It will chill you to your very bones!

    Miami Attractions Journeys

    When vacationing in Miami Don’t forget to try a Miami AttractionsTours expeditions. Also Remember to take your camera to capture the panoramic views on these wondrous Miami Attractions Tours.  A

    Miami Attractions Tours Expedition will expose you to some of nature’s most fantastic creatures. The natural ecosystem will fascinate you on scenic Miami Attractions Excursions.

Miami to Key West Reasons to Explore Key West on the Conch Train Tours

Miami To Key West Tours

Miami To Key West Tours

Miami To Key West Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Key West is just one of the many reasons why thousands of tourists flock to the tropical island every year. This delightful little beach town is just three hours away from the hustle and bustle of Miami but yet it feels like its miles away, with its spectacular scenery and diverse choices of activities. Book your Key West holiday with

No Harrier Jets did not Destroy the 7 Mile Bridge (that was just in True Lies)

Miami To Key West Conch – Trains

There are plenty of amazing things to do on the sunny island of Key West. Some of the most comprehensive ways to see the island is to take a guided tour and one of the best guides tours are the conch train tours. Here are some reasons to explore Key West on the conch train tours.

Miami To Key West Interesting Places

1.      The conch-trains are open air so you can get a great view of the island

The Conch Train has played host to over 15 million people since 1958. These state-of-the-art open air conch trains are a great way to check out the beauty of the island from all standpoints. Your tour of the tropical island paradise will give you a conch’s eye view of all the amazing attractions in Key West. There’s much to look forward to on the conch train tours.

2.      The guides know their stuff

Guides aboard the open-air conch trains are very entertaining and informative. They will take visitors through the tropical paradise and regale them with local legends, folklore, anecdotes, and historical tales of the area. Key West has a lot of very eclectic history about pirates, buried treasure, authors, and even ghosts. Leave it to the guides of the conch train tours to give you a feel of the island.

3.      There are terrific discounts to be enjoyed

The conch train tours offer many deals and discounts for senior citizens and kids. Children under the age of 12 as well as senior citizens ride for free. So if you’re a family visiting the tropical island of Key West on a tight budget, the Conch Train Tours are a great way to see the island while you stick to your budget.

4.      You will visit some of the most interesting places on the island

The conch train is designed to give visitors a peek into much of the island’s main and most popular attractions. Among things you will see are the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, underwater explorer Mel Fisher’s museum, The Hemingway House, Audubon House & Gardens, the Key West Lighthouse Museum, the Wreckers’ Museum, Truman’s “Little White House”, Sloppy Joe’s famous bar and the Southernmost Point among other things. You will also get an insight into the origin of the name Bone Key, Key West’s pirating history and the Spanish explorers who visited.

5.      Kids are bound to have a blast

Which kid doesn’t get a kick out of weird stuff? Key West has a lot to offer on that front right from eclectically dressed people, Key West’s paranormal connections as well as the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum.

Miami  To Key West Journeys

When vacationing in Miami Don’t forget to try a Miami To Key West  Expedition. Also Remember to take your camera to capture the panoramic views on these wondrous Miami To Key West  Tours.  A  Miami To Key West  Expedition will expose you to some of nature’s most fantastic creatures. The natural ecosystem will fascinate you on scenic Miami To Key West  Excursions.